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Total-Cure Ultra UV 1000 WPI for Web / Sheet Printing

SPDI’s 1000 WPI Ultra UV uses the same superior technology of our TCUV XTRM 1600 WPI but specifically tailored for the web printing and finishing industry. With the highest W/cm2 intensity available in the web industry. The Total Cure High Intensity UV is for the application where a medium intensity (600 WPI) UV system isn’t quite enough or space is not available for multiple UV’s. This state of the art system has all the technologically advanced features and benefits of our original 1600 WPI UV system but refined for the web and sheet fed printing industry in an conomical step able intensity output.



  • Ideal for high speed web applications.

  • Reduced package size provides easy UV Retrofit and installation convenience.

  • True Shuttered High PowerUV system.

  • UV intensity is automatically controlled by machine speed with manual override capability.

  • Additional I/O available for true machine to UV integration.

  • Energy efficient design providing greater UV intensity with lower power consumption and reduced operating cost.

  • Self contained lamp cartridge with tool-less lamp removal feature.

  • Power supply includes a HMI with enhanced diagnostics system monitoring capabilities. Touchscreen allows for independent control of UV from machines operator interface and can be mounted remote for locating next o original machines control panel.

  • SPDI’s proprietary self correcting control design with closed loop intelligent cooling that insures optimal Lamp Temperature regulation and enhanced lamp life.

  • Highest intensity output available in the UV Curing industry for web printing .

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