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UV Emmiting Lab Testing Chambers

Perfection in purgeable UV lab testing Chambers

When your application needs require a controlled photinitiated polymerization or reaction for testing and process management, the line of Total-Cure UV Purge-able Chambers can be designed to meet your specific spectral and environmental requirements. These units are adaptable for interior or exterior configurations of the UV light emittance and versatile enough to meet most any testing protocol.

• Systems can be configured to operate low or medium pressure type UV lamps.

• Systems can be configured to operate at general band widths such as UVA, UVB, UVC or specific filtered wavelength ranges for any photo-initiated response.

• All system have the option to provide an inert environment as the chamber can be purged with inert gasses such as nitrogen.

This system is designed with an open architecture and has the adaptability to use a variety of the SPDI Total Cure UV product line of irradiator configurations to meet the most specific of UV testing requirements.

My experience with SPDI was a refreshing find after comparing them to the other companies I had spoken with about my unique application needs. Though the unique details of my application are proprietary I can say SPDI showed the willingness and capability to meet the unique requirements of my project through to completion. The attention to detail and product performance has provided my department and lab with a useful reliable tool in the testing of photo-initiated polymerization.

--Dave Thweatt

New Technology Research

Morris USA

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