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Adjustable Focal Point UV Irradiator

UV chemistry requires a uniform curing capacity which is complicated when working with a profiled product such as tables edges, guitars or carpentry moldings. SPDI created the adjustable focal point to address these curing challenges.

Our design allows energy (curable light) to be adjusted from a point to a broad delivery. This insures that your product gets the right amount cure over all areas of your unique product. This is vital to your customers in guaranteeing them a quality lasting finish for years to come.

In my experience in the UV world everyone seems to complicate every thing about UV technology throwing out big terms, and chemistry that I don't really care about. The big question is, does it work or not. Talk is cheap. SPDI offered a machine that works. They are a creative company who don't hide behind big words and price tags to know what you want. I foresee a long future with SPDI and PRS guitars.

--Matt Eriza

Finishing Manager

Paul Reed Smith Guitar (PRS)

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