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Solution Series Total-Cure XTRM

  • Highest Power In The Industry

  • Change Lamps In Less Than One Minute

  • Shutter System

  • State-Of-The-Art Controlled Cooling

  • Seamless Integration

  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Financing Available


The Total-Cure XTRM UV system is the latest system in our Solution Series product line. It was developed based on direct input from our UV lamp customers who were dissatisfied with the reliability, performance, and drying capability of their current UV drying systems. Customers told us they wanted higher power output, faster production speeds and less downtime - all in a user-friendly format that monitors and controls system diagnostics. It was critical that this new system be compact and seamlessly integrate with their existing printing equipment.

We listened. Based on their input, we designed the Total-Cure XTRM UV System.


The Highest Power Output UV available. Total-Cure XTRM is incrementally adjustable up to 1600 WPI, which ensures faster production speeds and greater intensity. We say 1600 WPI, however, we have bench tested this system up to 2000 WPI.

The following example illustrates how SPDI’s Total-Cure XTRM will save you days of production by immediately increasing parts per minute:

Seamless Integration: Total-Cure XTRM was developed based on basic printing principals..not specific machinery. This concept makes it possible for Total-Cure XTRM to easily integrate with your existing printing equipment, regardless of manufacturer.

The end result is a first-class, high functioning printing system. Total-Cure XTRM provides the highest power output in the industry in a compact package that will increase your uptime and reduce downtime immediately.

Turn-key Service : SPDI will completely handle installation and integration, plus provide a 3 year warranty.

Shuttered lamp housing maintains an instant ready UV condition to guarantee immediate machine restarts. The system's lamp irradiator is completely self-enclosed and compact. No more downtime waiting for UV to power up! Immediately increases uptime.

Touch screen interface lets you monitor system diagnostics from a mounted remote location, making it more convenient to check machine uptime and status including lamp voltage, power output and temperature.

User-friendly help screens and trouble-shooting guides eliminate costly downtime due to repairs and unnecessary component change outs. Network monitoring capabilities via the internet are optional.

Print/Copy-Check is quick and easy with instant ready UV. No need to wait until machine starts up. With Total-Cure XTRM, you can print samples to check registration settings immediately.

No static blower! Digitally controlled irradiator cooling system with reflectors designed to deliver balanced cooling. Specifically created for vertically mounted irradiators. Allows blower speed to optimize lamp temperature.

Adjust lamp output power to adapt to printing variables such as metallic inks, machine speed and product type. Immediate solution for stubborn inks that require initiators.

Return on Investment achieved in under 3 months.

Solutions Financing is available.


  • Realistic error messages and help screens offer solutions by pointing to specific problems – no more generic fault messages.

  • Master-Slave Option can operate up to 30 slave units.

  • Manufactured and supported in the USA

  • Limited inventory of spare parts required:

  • UV lamp/reflector

  • Blower filter

  • Customizable to meet your specific requirements

  • SPDI provides customers with a turnkey solution. We handle the entire process of integration and installation.


REMOTE TECHNICAL SUPPORT PACKAGE: Provides for direct equipment analysis from SPDI via the Internet.

SECONDARY OPERATOR INTERFACE CONTROL: Creates the ability to generate simple control and commands from an alternative operator position.

HIGH VOLUME EXTRACTOR PACKAGE: Greatly enhances blanket and ink longevity (reduces excessive cabinet temperatures and dust contamination).

Call now 800-977-7292 to find out how to improve your process.

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