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The UV Experts: for nearly 30  years, SPDI UV has been an influential specialist in designing UV equipment and a highly trusted source of quality UV systems, lamps, and reflectors as well as many specialty and custom products.

Please visit our e-commerce platform and primary site where you can find UV bulbs, equipment, and supplies over at

UV Fastlane: Our Game-Changing Technology

01 / FAST
02 / EASY

Never wait for primer to dry again. With the UV Fastlane system drying is quicker than spraying!

If you know how to spray, you know how to dry! Simply use the handheld wand in a fast continuous motion for instantaneous drying.


Drastically increase the productivity and efficiency of your existing space. Get more cars done in less time and improve your profitability.


SPDI UV - The UV Experts

Direct to the Source

SPDI offers a level of technical support far beyond mere customer service. As a buyer, you have direct access to our lead product developers. In comparison, many of our competitors would have you speak to a representative whose only familiarity with UV products is from reading a training manual!


As a valued SPDI customer, you deal directly with the engineers that have developed next-generation technology for printers at home in the U.S and worldwide.

Speed and Innovation

SPDI’s Technical staff is available Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm EST. Our team is locked-n-loaded and ready to answer your questions. We support products here in the United States. No need to contact an overseas office or wait 24 hours for assistance.

Guaranteed Same Day Call Return. When you call during business hours we will do our best to assist you at that time. If for some reason we are not available to assist you, we will return your call that same day.

Experience that Matters

SPDI technical support team members have earned their stripes and learned their craft where it matters- on the floors of printing plants similar to yours. Our entire support team has a full and complete understanding of entire printing systems, not just individual components.

Some of the Companies that Trust SPDI UV


Tel: 561.243.8442

2801 Rosselle Street

Jacksonville, FL 32205


Product Information Request

Thank you for your interest in SPDI’s products and services. Please complete the form below and we will have a representative contact you to provide additional product information, and answer any of your questions.

Our technical representatives are available to review your system needs and explain SPDI’s seamless integration process. 
We look forward to speaking with you shortly.

Thanks for your inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible!


Your Partners for the Entirety of the Project

"I would like to thank you for the excellent cooperation on our project.

— Uri Albocher
Drying and Curing Team Leader

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